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Virtualization Road Map

Virtualization Road Map: When you look at your organizations IT plan what do you see? With 95% of businesses having some virtualization odds are your organization already has taken the first step. So what’s next? Here is a road map I have put together strictly with VMware solutions. The steps are the same with other technologies though more third party solutions are needed. There are branches off of this roadmap as well for Voice virtualization to become an ITaaS, and Critical Application virtualization. 
I know virtualization isn’t new technology, but to get to the future it’s an important baseline for the move to the cloud and beyond.

What is the Virtual Future? Here we will discuss the technologies and innovations that will help lead the way to full cloud and virtual data center integration.

A little about me, I am an ex-Citrix Administrator for large Enterprise deployments of WinFrame, Presentation Server, and then XenApp. Currently I work for a VMware Premier Solutions Provider as the IT Division Director. I now perform VDI architecture and planning, server virtualization, and DRBC analysis and planning for organizations of all sizes. I have been an IA manager, an administrator, an IT manager, and an integrator throughout my career. 
Having seen all sides of the data center I have realized two things; first no one knows everything about even their own data center, and second to optimize environment you have to be ready to see what’s new in the industry and plan for what is coming. 
That is what I aim to do here, I hope you enjoy the ride.