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How to get started with DevOps

DevOps-Panther I have previously covered what DevOps is, there is a greater question of whether or not DevOps is a good thing or not. I believe that DevOps can help but may not be for every working environment or organization.

I was working with a team recently on a proposal to help a customer who wanted to implement a DevOps and service catalog framework. One of the team members sent me the Statement of Work (SOW) and it had a few objectives and associated goals and tasks. All in all a very nice representation of an SOW for project related activity. What it wasn’t though or at least not in my opinion was an implementation of a DevOps model.

We went back and forth via email on what DevOps is and what first phases were it went something like this:

Them: We are looking to do an application rationalization engagement and build out the hybrid cloud service catalog.

Me: But you said the request was to transform their teams to utilize a DevOps model of application and infrastructure management. That means we need to help them visualize the work they have in process (WIP), identify their workflows, and leverage the team mentality that will reduce deployment cycles and improve time to value.

Them: Right we are going to do that by showing them where their application workloads should sit.

Me: …