The EMC Infomercial

I guess I should have said really early on that before I came to EMC as a vSpecialist I had limited experience with EMC storage or products. I knew they were enterprise class, and I knew they were expensive, but aside from that I hadn’t worked on EMC since the old Clariion days. So I have been tossed into the deep end of the pool and told to learn to swim, only the pool is a product catalog that can answer just about every storage or datacenter question and swimming is forcing out knowledge about 80’s pop culture in place of something more useful.

Despite my useless knowledge replacement therapy, I have found that the onslaught of technology and information is like a late night infomercial that you get sucked into and want to buy everything from. Private cloud and replication have been my recent obsession, let me channel some Shamwow guy for you … 

Sure other companies have private cloud and replication capability but do they have the solution set to provide data recovery, virtual provisioning and bundle it all up in a proven reference architecture? Think of it as a family recipe for a cake that has been tried and true for generations.

In working our channel partners VPLEX provides a flexible solution for partner to add their own flare to the cake and make it the flavor the customer wants. That can take the shape of servers, networking or software components backed by EMC storage and management.

VPLEX enables customers and partners to leverage solutions sets like Atmos, Syncplicity, VNX or VMAX along with Data Protection solutions like Avamar and Data Domain.

With multiple site to site replication scenarios and technologies along with partner know-how VPLEX is proof you can have your cake and eat it too.

Whew … slowing down a bit I got to wondering what if that’s too many choices? (Wait a sec while I get my Billy Mays voice ready)

So what if you don’t want to bake a cake? Or what if you don’t know how?  Well we got a solution for you! VBlock is a scaled to solution pre-fabricated architecture complete with networking, compute and storage to meet your needs. All provided through VCE (I’ll spell it out as though some folks don’t know) this is the partnership corporation between VMware, Cisco, and EMC. VCE provides a single patch baseline management suite and simplifies the issues of patching conflicts and device management. VCE Block is a converged management architecture with all enterprise class technologies, and can arrive in a fully racked ready to roll state and be up and running in weeks from date of PO.

But wait there’s more … It’s EMC there is always more and as I figure it out I will share it.