VMware View Security Server Limits

The VMware View architecture with regard to Security Server has some confusing info. The documentation states that “Only one Connection Broker can be paired with a Security Server. Multiple Security Servers can be paired with one Connection Broker.” The confusion surrounds how many does “Multiple” mean.

I was initially asked this by an online acquaintance who has a unique View design challenge. They have an environment where there are providing virtual desktops to their users who work at various locations where they do not own the networks. This means multiple subnets accessing the View environment through NATs and Firewalls. Each subnet is then assigned a Connection Server, this design limits the number of connections per connection servers. Because of the configuration Security Servers are not necessarily required for connectivity they were deployed for security. Load-balancers are used to help route some of these connections and provide fail-over.  So it all comes down numbers for this specific question, how many Security servers can front a Connection server?

The answer came from Andre Leibovici via twitter, “as long you don’t channel connections via the CS there should not be a hard limit.”

So there you have it, the use cases for this are going to be few and far between, but other than the twitter exchange between Andre and I, I could not find any other mention of this on the interwebs. I hope this helps!