DevOps more than a buzzword

DevOps isn’t just a buzz word. Ok it’s a little buzz wordy, DevOpsCatbut the movement is real and Enterprises need to look at it. That’s a bit of a stretch many enterprises are looking at DevOps already. It’s a part of a strategy which is key, you have to have a strategy to be successful otherwise it’s just dumb luck and guessing. Those will only take you so far.

Enterprises need to avoid lock-in, that means having multiple concurrent solutions, with contingencies. A VMware strategy, an OpenStack strategy, a PaaS and an IaaS, various public clouds, etc; all of that is necessary as businesses grow and expand. Beyond the infrastructure or cloud play there is a need to determine how application development should be performed, waterfall and agile approaches are each needed depending on the application you are trying to deliver.

Yet, there are more than just technical drivers for incorporating DevOps into your environment. From a business perspective, DevOps have proven to provide faster time to market, higher new customer capture, larger revenue gains, and better user adoption. These are key metrics to make the C levels happy and to help drive IT as a critical cog in the gears of the business.

So while as engineers we too often hear buzzwords bounce around conference rooms, social networks, and corporate emails, take the time to look into DevOps. It’s worth your time, even if it doesn’t apply to every project you are working on.