Is Slack vs Twitter really Isolationist vs Globalism?

The ever fun @Cloud_Opinion on twitter posited a question the other day of whether folks were of the twitter or slack generation. If you haven’t heard of slack you are living under a stone and I feel bad for you kid. That doesn’t even matter right now. Cause here is the thing they are not mutually exclusive in fact I find that Slack and Twitter pose different uses. I responded with that very notion, that Slack is more localized and Twitter was far more global. What I meant wasn’t in who could access a slack channel vs follow a twitter account.

What I meant actually has a far more reaching meaning, now I don’t normally write about politics on here but I think this notion is important. You see when we look at the way we communicate today it’s not vastly different than how people communicated throughout the years back to the days of Alexander the Great building roads and schools. People find and form tribes, when they wanted to reach out to areas beyond their immediate community they would write and send scrolls. As Alexander created a network of roads merchants, emissaries, scholars and artists spread out across the lands bringing with them their own cultures. Wherever these travelers settled they shared their culture and embraced the culture of their new community this led to a meshing of belief systems and ideologies. Conquering armies, and enslaved peoples continued to spread and steal culture and time marched on as we became the countries, religions, and groups we all are today.

While nations have moved from isolationism to globalization we like to think that we as people have also globalized. We think that we are more open in our reach and views. But the truth of the matter is we tend to matriculate back to people with the same views as us. We form these tribes or communities of interests. Slack is a great example of that, a group is created and channels added so like minded people can share their opinions or collaborate. That’s awesome and well worth the time and effort put into it. Twitter isn’t that far off but it also allows for us to have open access to people of many backgrounds and points of view.

While forming a tribe and having shared interests is great, we need to be open to the travelers in the world. To see the culture, ideas, and art of others and to merge it with our own ideas. When we don’t do this we establish the framework for narrow minded thinking. If we haven’t learned anything from the past 50 years it’s that fanaticism is bred from narrow minded viewpoints and is fueled by the ignorance of cause and effect relationships of outside forces.  I am not saying Slack is a petri dish of close mindedness, what I am saying is we need multiple forms of communication and the awareness that we must seek out that which is different from our own views.

I could probably go on for a long time on this subject, because I feel so passionately about it. Do you feel you belong to enough open forms of communication to not narrow your view point? Do you find that others are too closed minded in your communication channels?