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The Season of Giving – Guest Blogger Edition

Mike Laverick started a Feed Forward movement months back to help those in IT get into presenting and sharing their experiences with the community. I blogged about it here, but it’s getting close to Christmas and with that in mind I wanted to give back to the community. During the month of December I will be featuring guest bloggers from all over. Some will be in the IT community others will be from other industries. My hope is to give these authors an opportunity to voice their opinions and share their knowledge on any number of topics.

I hope you all will welcome and read their posts and continue to follow them on their own sites and else where online.  I am so grateful for everyone who reads this site which is surprisingly growing each month.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy. If anyone would like to be a guest blogger in December please reach out to me either on this site or via twitter. @Mike_Colson

Feed it Forward

Pretty sure I haven’t written about the honor of vExpert and having received it for the last two years. There are many ways to obtain vExpert one of the key methods is community involvement, that means participating in and presenting at VMware User Groups (VMUGs). Think of VMUGs as a support group for VMware admins and business users, as well as a toastmasters training course. If you have ever wanted to learn to be a better public speaker and want to talk tech in doing so then speaking at a VMUG is a great opportunity. You can share your experiences or even your problems and get immediate feed back and help.

To that end Mike Laverick has helped to create the FeedForward Program to help mentor those interested in speaking at VMUGs. You can sign up as a mentor yourself if you wish and help others or sign up to be a mentee. The program is new and has some great potential and backers. In the end who knows once you start speaking you may love it, and in the next couple of quarters you may find yourself on the list of vExperts.

More info on FeedForward can be found here