Single Pane of Glass is a Unicorn

I am sorry to be the one to kill your dreams, or the wishful thinking of marketing folks everywhere. I am not sure that the realists out there ever believed it was really going to come to fruition but for all of you hopeless optimists just stop wishing.

There will never be a single pane management console.

We can’t standardize hypervisors for the love of Pete. I was speaking with a customer recently who wanted to know when we would be able to deploy Hyper-V VMs on vSphere and be able to vmotion them between hypervisors without converting them. “… Uh never most likely” was my answer.

I mean look from a technical perspective it’s a matter of stripping headers so the VM doesn’t know what hypervisor it’s running on. The closest I have seen to this is what KVM does where it doesn’t care what Linux distro you are running. That’s not exactly the same thing though. OpenSource may be the best place to look for this sort of solution, but even then the odds of finding a supported single pane management? Not realistic.

Then you get into the complexity of Enterprise architectures and you quickly realize that there are very few vendors that have solved the technology silo problems well enough to standardize across all of their solutions to present a single pane even in a homogenous environment.

So all we can hope for is a mix of good tools that allow for API integration into each other so we can see the information shared across the entire ecosystem.

Put this in the category of flying cars and hoverboards as to a false reality for the future.