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DevOps Conceptual Intro

One of the topics I have been asked a lot about while doing Enterprise Hybrid Cloud presentations lately is the concept of DevOps. As many of you know I cover the Federal Government for those that don’t the worst kept secret is now out.  While the government sales cycles and IT cycles are usually far behind their commercial enterprise counterparts they tend to have better control over security and operations. (This really is true despite how much I have complained about my time working in the data centers.)

DevOps however is a relatively new topic for what has traditionally been a very ITIL driven and stove-piped world. While boxes need to be checked and security is of the utmost importance the concept of integrating teams and attacking production problems at the onset of projects is somewhat foreign. While I think DevOps is really very useful I also firmly believe that it’s everything in it’s time and place. It is with that in mind that I made the presentation you will see below. This isn’t something I have presented with customers yet, so you my tens of readers get to be the first to see it and give me some feedback. I am targeting IT Managers and Sr Sys Admins with it and trying to just give a 5000 ft view of what DevOps is to get them started.

Everyone loves buzzwords but hopefully this can help them get over that hump and into the mind set of discovering what the underlying concepts are and can do. Please reach out to me in comments or on twitter to let me know what you think.

(Edit: added some slides and content to the deck, thanks to everyone for the input and help!)

The view from the cloud

I am at 30,000 ft going about 200 miles per hour and I look out my window and sIMG_0998ee this.

Many of you have seen clouds before from both above and below, but have you thought about those opposing views when it comes to the IT version of the cloud?

From the ground a solid cloud cover can look flat with few ripples and honestly looks a lot like a blanket be it white, grey or black but it can block out the sun and bring trouble. From above the cloud deck the clouds look different even storm clouds seem thin and light like wispy mountains of marshmallow fluff. Ok maybe there is some poetic license taken there but you get the drift. From above the clouds have peaks and wisps. The gaps between the clouds are more visible because the contrasting color of the ground, sometimes the ground isn’t even visible at all.  When traveling through the clouds on the way to cruising altitude there is typically turbulence as you hit the air pockets and temperature differences that help clouds form in the first place.