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Views from the other side

For those of you who have read my few blog posts know that I have had several jobs within the IT industry. As my first week as a vSpecialist at EMC is coming to a close I am reflecting on just how different the vendor side really is. Let’s start with WOW.

EMC has a robust product set, that isn’t to say they touch on everything that I think they should, but that might be asking too much. But I think the solution sets are vast enough and cover so much that I will have plenty to learn and talk about with customers for the foreseeable future.

Just to highlight some of the cooler things than I learned about in week one that I am sure to be posting about more in the very near future.

ViPR – is what I believe will be the standard bearer in SDDS (Software-Defined-Datacenter-Storage) currently it supports EMC and NETAPP storage but as more API’s are testing and brought into the fold the single pane storage management and self-provisioning tool will be the SDDC admins best friend. Ranking storage by tier and providing user self-service storage provisioning guidelines and capability.

ScaleIO – this is a very recent purchase by EMC but the possibilities seem to be limitless. Seemingly infinitely scalable storage in an itty bitty package. This could be the scaled storage solution for the datacenter that marks a transformative time in SAN and storage management.

Cloud Tiering Appliance – while I had at least heard about ViPR and ScaleIO before Cloud Tiering Appliance or CTA is one of those jewels in the rough. Where ViPR provides management and provisioning, it doesn’t manage the file locations or automated storage level tiering of data. Cloud Tiering Appliance picks that ball up and runs it into the endzone. While it is only file level management, the ability to provide your virtual hosts a single mounting point for a file and allowing the appliance to manage any multi-vendor storage tiering on the backend and automation of this process is something that large dispersed organizations are sure to want.

There are a lot of great products, and solutions within EMC, I have only scratched the surface. But as I learn more I am only too eager to share. The future of IT is bright and with great knowledge comes great responsibility to educate. Check out the links below for more on EMC’s platfolio.

ViPR –
ScaleIO –
CTA – &