Blog Security

Son of a … ok talking security again I guess. I started getting worried because it appeared that my blog perma-links were redirecting. Clearly a hi-jack or so I thought, so enter reading up on word press security.

First use a hosting service for this blog, I do not try to run it out of my house, because that’s cray cray. It’s a basic WP site, with a custom theme, no biggie. I have a couple of plugins for managing comments and tracking statistics. When I found this permalink issue out I decided it was time to dig in on what security for WP was available. I settled on BulletProof Security plug-in by AITpro software.

My concern was around the ease of getting into the admin console and changing the .htaccess file. BulletProof allows you to lock the .htaccess and even replace it with a secure .htaccess. It has other benefits as well such as providing caching, securing login’s and PHP source code. Honestly it was really easy to configure and I have been happy with the locked down results.

But ironically it didn’t solve my permalink problem. What the hell? I’ve locked down everything on the blog why are the permalink’s redirecting. Then I found a link to an ancient manuscript, ok it was just an old wordpress support forum, that mentioned that sometimes permalinks get hosed up and simply changing to a custom permalink structure will fix the issue. Boom its fixed like FM from the sky.

Well then … sometimes it’s the simple stuff I suppose security made relatively easy. What are your tips and tricks for securing your blog?