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VMware EVO:Rail

For the tens of you who read this site you know that I am a believer in hyper converged architectures. Like anything there is benefits and drawbacks, but I will say that there is a cooleness factor and simplicity that make hyper converged infrastructure really appealing. As it is VMworld this week I am sure many of you have heard the announcement of EVO: Rail and I am behind the bigger blogs on posting something.

The reason for my waiting is as a vSpecialist I didn’t want to get ahead of EMC announcements. Now that Chad has done his sessions I feel safe to at least start talking about the public aspects of EVO: Rail and what EMC is planning to do.

VMware IT Business Manager (ITBM) Financial Transparency

ChargebackShowback is a common request from IT Admins and managers but what they can never answer is what are your real costs associated with running the individual VMs, Desktops, or Applications? What I normally hear is well we can estimate that, or we can ask. The problem with that approach is it’s like any other data crunch garbage in garbage out. The other issue is that a simple Showback or Chargeback aren’t the same thing as financial transparency they are just billing models.

Enterprise Solutions Design Musings

I was recently involved in a conversation about an enterprise solution proof of concept. The solution itself would be successful but the user access and authentication is where I got hung up. The questions I asked were around the number of users that would be accessing the solution and how many simultaneously.

Some of the other engineers in the room looked at me like I had two heads, my guess is they were worried about scaling the solution itself to meet the potential 500K+ user count. But then I asked how many Active Directory servers they were planning for the production environment to support the authentication requirement or if there was a plan to off load authentication through an appliance or another solution.